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  • Erika Vaitkute

    Erika Vaitkute


    Erika Vaitkute partenaire azur project home staging

    • WHO IS SHE ?

      Born and raised in Lithuania, I sat at the sewing machine with my mother when I was little. As soon as I came of age, I got into an old Opel Kadett and went to Germany to sell my products in craft markets. In the 90s, when I was in my twenties, I packed my sewing machine, traveled to Germany, stayed and found my new home in Hamburg. With me in my baggage was the sincere desire to preserve my traditional heritage and to inspire even more people for linen textiles and the craftsmanship behind them. In the meantime, our technically demanding parts as well as special requests are made in a flexible, individual, sustainable and fair way for you by the female team in our small factory in Lithuania. And here in Germany, we work in a small creative team that creates new designs, tests modern manufacturing processes, and expands and complements the collections. In addition to our linen textiles, you can also discover the best quality woolen throws you would expect - naturally made in Lithuania. In the dealer login you can download our price lists on request. Linen from Lithuania. The big love. But lasts a lifetime. Promised. Best regards Erika "
    • TEAM

      We are a team of powerful women of three. We live our work with a lot of passion, craftsmanship and love for beautiful textiles and designs. We look forward to getting to know you and getting closer to sustainable and traditional linen craftsmanship.


      100% UE

      Our linen is made and assembled in Lithuania. With our office and warehouse in Hamburg, we are your reliable contact.


      With our constantly expanding collections, you have your finger on the pulse of time. Do you have your own idea? Bring it on. We manufacture special dimensions or your individual design - exclusively for you.


      We guarantee you classic and modern products made in the greatest traditional know-how.
      Sustainable and fair.

  • Innobiz


    Innobiz partenaire azur project home staging

    "Innovate every day"

      • Innobiz

        It is neither a startup nor a large group, just a few passionate about innovation, beautiful products, noble materials who have decided more than ten years ago to transform their ideas into everyday objects. Several trips around the world, hundreds of ideas written down on paper, and little by little a great team was created, scattered between France, Spain, Thailand and China.

      • What makes them get up in the morning ?

        Well, simply the joy of designing and distributing objects that bring you well-being, pleasure, and that allow them to create links with customers, manufacturers and discover the world through these meetings.

  • Kulile


    The KULILE furniture customization brand

    Kulile partenaire azur project home staging


      Imagine the piece of furniture that will blend in perfectly with your family life. With just a few clicks, you can create the piece of furniture that really suits your taste.


      With an ideal depth of 40 cm, the furniture is suitable for small clothes and optimizes the space of the bedroom.


      Veneered with real wood, all the furniture is made manually by artisans in Portugal. There is no overstock or waste of material.


      As a member of the international organization "1% FOR THE PLANET", Kulile donates 1% of its turnover to various associations working for the reforestation of forests in France.

      The story

      IN SHORT

      The story of KULILE begins in 2016, when Marion Descottes, who left Paris to settle in Mozambique, fitted out tailor-made rooms for children.

      She listens to the needs of mothers and the tastes of children to create unique universes, both aesthetic and practical.

      Now based in Lisbon, she has just one idea, that of allowing each family to set up truly personal rooms, while being interested in the ecological footprint of manufacturing.
      As a member of 1% for the Planet, Kulile donates 1% of its turnover to associations working for the reforestation of forests in France.

      KULILE is pronounced [Koulilé] and means “a person who grows up” in Changane, a dialect of Mozambique.

  • Maison Zoe

    Maison Zoe

    Maison Zoe partner Aeuz proect home stagingChez Maison Zoe, une vision:

    meet your needs for style and elegance with aesthetic products made of high quality materials, manufactured using sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. Here, we rely on an authentic presentation and a detailed description to always meet the expectations of our customers. Our product range is filled with the most diverse articles, made of the most different materials, which convince with the highest quality. Without exception, we purchase our products direct from manufacturers, who in most cases rely on local raw materials and skilled manual processing with years of expertise.


      Our range of raw materials includes: - Alabaster - Sheesham - Recycled and transparent glass - Palm leaves - Copper - Cotton.


      People, manual labor and sustainability are the inspiration for our daily work. The feedback from our customers is our motivation to move forward and constantly improve. Earlier you realized that you can create more together than alone.


      We always strive to match the quality to the expectations of our customers. Needless to say, all of our products are handcrafted, which allows us to preserve and promote jobs. Sustainability: we are committed to sustainable and ecological production.

  • MYCS


    Mycs partenaire azur project home staging

    Personalized design / Your furniture with a unique look

    • Personal Simple Fast.

      Tired of browsing furniture stores and not finding your happiness? To spend hours on the Internet looking for THE piece of furniture, without success? Don't get confused anymore.
      MYCS designs furniture according to your tastes and needs. Furniture in durable, quality materials, with high-quality manufacturing methods. The possibilities of combinations are endless. Choose and associate colors, modify dimensions, add options ...

    • How to mycser ?

      Mycs designs the furniture that meets your needs. All their modules are compatible with each other to make your furniture evolve into a unique piece of architecture. Whether it's a TV stand, desk, low sideboard or shelving system, you can make it even more personal with the addition of drawers and / or doors. You are free to modify the furniture down to the smallest detail.

    • MYCS stands for guaranteed quality

      The furniture is manufactured with the greatest attention to detail, from expert craftsmen who select all their woods and materials only in Europe. The materials are of first choice and respect the environment. A vision of a design anchored in modes of personalization and adaptation to its user without compromise.Mycs partenaire Azur Project
  • SUITE702


    Suite702 partenaire azur project home staging

    "We can't promise you peace in the world, but a good night's sleep is a good start."

      • SUITE702

        The brand name SUITE702 is a nod to the famous Bed-in by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In 1969, on their honeymoon, they spent an entire week in bed in suite 702 at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam Zuid. John and Yoko's Bed-In was dedicated to world peace. We believe that your personal, 100% sustainable Bed Peace is a great start. Disconnect and put aside all your (social) obligations. Treat yourself to some more Bed Peace.

        The good luxury bedding of quality material, is almost impossible to obtain in the Netherlands. What you can find is terribly expensive and often very expensive. We wouldn't buy bedding for hundreds of dollars ourselves so quickly. Most of the bedding is produced in a way that is very harmful to the environment and under often terrible working conditions. While a beautiful, honest and sustainably produced luxury bedding doesn't have to be that expensive. SUITE702 offers "affordable sustainable luxury": bedding where you don't need to be conned.
      • ABOUT

        SUITE702 a été fondée par Shirley Muijrers et Olaf Arkauer. Shirley est designer textile et professeur à la Design Academy d'Eindhoven. Olaf était stratège en publicité mais il a changé de cap pour reprendre des études et devenir entrepreneur. Avec leurs deux "préadolescents", ils vivent au cœur d'Amsterdam où il se passe toujours quelque chose. Shirley et Olaf savent exactement où nous en sommes : ils déconnectent plus souvent dans un lit magnifique et agréable, sans sentiment culpabiliser et à un prix abordable.


      Our goal is to make the room look like the hotel suite and be so inviting that we all wanted to go to bed earlier, but preferred to stay in bed all week. We started with the luxeliterie. In the meantime, we have added the BedMATE collection, bigDOT and a bathroom collection. We continue to build the life of the SUITE with surprising items in trendy colors.


    Triss partenaire azur project home staging

    "High-end furniture"

      • Material habit

        Triss, brand, created in 2004 is the culmination of the experience of its founder, Michel Gross, specialist in high-end furniture since 1980. Triss, manufacturer and editor of high-end design-contemporary furniture creates and develops its collections in through innovative and original tracks. Attached to quality and originality, we are constantly on the lookout for new materials and techniques. Production is carried out in-house or by specialized partners - exclusively in Germany, France or Italy, each renowned in a field: cabinetmaking, metalwork, upholstery ... This internal or external know-how is the very essence of Triss design. The use of raw materials and original techniques allows us to offer singular or even unique pieces. In short, Triss: ideas, daring and creativity!

    Triss partenaire Azur project décoration d'intérieur Monaco