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When a house or apartment benefits from home staging, it is furnished and decorated in a carefully designed manner to maximize the attractiveness of the property to potential buyers.

A properly staged property has just the right quality and quantity of furniture for a buyer to understand how rooms work and how spaces flow. Home staging creates warmth, life and positive emotions. Good home staging avoids clutter or overly personalized decor that could be a waste for some. It maximizes the assets of the place while minimizing the gaps. Home staging engages potential buyers, increases their interest and their perception of value. A potential buyer becomes more likely to buy!

Azur Project helps homeowners and their real estate agents sell vacant homes and apartments faster and at higher prices. In today's market, arranging a home can dramatically reduce the length of time the property stays on the market and generate far higher offers than a homeowner would get if the home was left as is. For a real estate agent, that means less hassle, a faster sale, a higher commission, and a happier owner.

An essential requirement of Azur Project is that it has an inventory of quality furniture and accessories that meet our quality standards and that they move from house to house. We complete as needed thanks to partners in furniture and decoration shops and artists.

As soon as an offer is accepted, the buyer has the possibility of acquiring the furnishing and decoration objects presented with an offer. If the latter is not interested, Azur Project removes the furniture and decoration that it has stored, new buyers get a clean apartment or house, often refreshed and clean to move into.